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Bank of Common Knowledge Transmission formats

If you want to offer your knowledge here are the different ways to do it:

Detailed step by step information regarding a specific task. This format generates a manual. It provides an answer to the question "How is X made or done?" as in: How is bread made? How can I set up a server? How do I cancel my ISP? These can either be live demos, audio or video recordings, up to 10 minutes in length.

Take away theory
Various interpretations of a given concept or issue are presented in order to help understand it in its right context, independently of its practical application. These provide an answer to the question "What is X?", as in: What is cognitive capitalism? What are intellectual property rights?

First-person experiences
A direct account of a useful personal experience. Transmission of this experience can be of use or inspire others even though -unlike demos- it might be impossible to reproduce or re-enact. It provides an answer to the question "How did I live or overcome X?"

This presential format provides a co-learning context where participants work on a specific task proposed by an expert. The goal is to create a situation that allows for the combination of passive and hands-on approaches.

Recreational activities where the participants' knowledge and skills are tested. For example: assembling a PC from scratch. The person suggesting one of these activities will take care of the call and organisation of the event.

Please bear in mind the BCK focuses its experimental knowledge trade on "one to many" or "many to many" exchanges.
Copyleft applied to knowledge
All text, audio or video materials produced during the processes of the project will be made public under a copyleft license, and will include information concerning authorship (individual or collective) and the contents' free distribution policy.

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