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Get started with C++ - Code is Text - Zach Lieberman

Type: Micro-workshop Video
Created by Olivier. Published 11/12/2008 17:17. 0 Comments.
Tags: c++ code

Lieberman es artista, ingeniero y educador cuyo trabajo está centrado en la exploración los usos creativos y humanos de la tecnología. Introduce el proyecto OFlab, una ‘fábrica’ de obras de arte, bajo demanda.

Lieberman's work has appeared in numerous exhibitions around the world, including Ars Electronica, Futuresonic, CeBIT, and the Offf Festival. He has collaborated with artist Golan Levin on interactive audiovisual projects like "Messa Di Voce", and worked with Theo Watson to create openFrameworks, an open source C++ library for creative coding and graphics


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