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Free knowledge market - Berlin

Type: Demo Video
Created by Olivier. Published 28/01/2009 17:02. 3 Comments.

Thursday 29th of January from 3-8 PM
Mariannenplatz 2

During CTM.09, barcelona based collective Platoniq is setting-up a Free-Knowledge-Market, where everyone is inviting to share his/her practical and theoretical knowledge on any and all subjects, from organising skills to handcrafts or technology and civil rights, from first-hand experiences to expert reports. We are of course open to LAST MINUTE OFFERS and INFORMAL MEETINGS as part of the market!

Input / contributions to Free Knowledge Market are recorded and documented online as so-called "free knowledge capsules". Thus, the project aims to collect, share and protect not-often-valued common knowledge to match individual and collective needs in the pursuit of autonomy. Those knowledge transactions are published online under a copy-left license in order to guarantee that knowledge keep on circulating.

15:00 How to control Ableton Live with an Iphone / Matt
15:30 How to set up and maintain a net label / Andi
16:00 Cripting Modul8 / Sebatsien Raphoz
16:30 Life sustaining cultures / Lars + Stefa
17:00 working with GPS / Dan
17:30 build an off-line file sharing system with SMS / Dmytri Kleiner
18:00 circuit control 4 graffiti / machine building 4 grafx and music / andrew
18.30 popular funding for art. Geraldine Suarez
19:00 Draw by hand / manfred
time to be confirmed between 18.30 and 20.00:
how to ride a horse / Corinna

“everything begins with the smallest unit, the individual. Like micro-learning: ideas, meaning, and appropriate political action networks emerge as the patterning of micro nodes."


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ninon says:

Published 28/01/2009 19:18.

i like! nicely done.

Joo says:

Published 29/08/2009 12:02.

Without location & date it could be a good and short introducion to the ideas of bck. would be great to have such a free aviable video for spreading the idea.

Olivier says:

Published 31/08/2009 11:35.

You're right Joo. We'll put it out soon

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